Communicating Causes at Cardiff University

Undergraduate and postgraduate modules at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Culture

By developing their own campaigns to bring about social, political or behavioural change, students learn practical skills and become familiar with the key theories, texts and debates in campaigning and cause communications.


1. How to change the world
Looking at successful campaigns, understanding your world and planning your campaign

2. Developing a communications strategy
Understanding audiences, developing messages and deciding tactics.

3. Creating content
Planning communications activities, media relations, petitions, explainer videos, writing for websites, emails and social media, using images

4. Writing a communications report
Researching and evaluating an existing cause campaign and offering actionable, evidence-based recommendations.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how campaign organisations communicate their messages to identified audiences
  • Know how to conduct audience research and profiling
  • Develop communications strategies and formulate campaign messages
  • Write effective press releases, plan media opportunities and produce engaging content
  • Critically analyse campaigns and understand their formation and delivery
  • Use effective storytelling and audience-centred approaches to communication

Essential reading

  1. Make it Matter, Barrell, J
  2. Brand 360 Guide, CharityComms
  3. Make it Happen, George, A
  4. How Change Happens, Green, D
  5. The Good Guide to Campaigning and Influencing, Lamb, B
  6. How to Win Campaigns, Rose, C
  7. What Makes People Tick, Rose, C
  8. Winning the Story Wars, Sachs, J
  9. Effective Media Relations for Charities, Slack, B
  10. The Social Change Grid, SMK
  11. The Narrative Project