Free help with your charity communications

Could your charity use some creative ideas from a group of keen and bright students?

Does your communications strategy need an update? Or perhaps you’re thinking about a new campaign, or struggling to reach particular audiences?

Send a short brief using the form below, and if your project is chosen, students on the Communicating Causes course at Cardiff University will spend 8 weeks during October and November 2017 working on a strategy and sample content. To be sure that your project is likely to be suitable, you can have a look at the assignment brief.

You’ll be sent the whole package when it’s completed. Nothing will be made public without your permission, but you’ll be very welcome to use any of it to inform your work, though of course there’s no obligation to do so.

All we ask in return is reasonably prompt responses to 2-3 emails in October for clarifications and further information on the brief, and some feedback on the final package in January.

Briefs need to be received by 20 September 2017.