‘Communicating Causes’ BA module, October 2018

School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies. Cardiff University

Strategic communications are essential for successful charities, lobby groups and community campaigns. Communications professionals need to produce integrated campaigns using social media, websites, email and print publications, as well as know how to gain traditional media coverage.

By developing your own campaigns you’ll learn these practical skills, and understand how campaigning organisations build support, influence decision makers, and bring about social, political or behavioural change.

There will be a strong emphasis on developing creativity, team working, and learning practical, vocational skills. But you’ll also become familiar with the key theories, texts and debates in campaigning and cause communications.

On completion, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how charities, campaign organisations and lobby groups communicate their messages to identified audiences
  • Develop communications strategies, formulate campaign messages, write press releases, plan media opportunities and produce engaging content for online and offline media
  • Critically analyse campaigns and understand their formation and delivery with reference to best practice and theoretical approaches
  • Produce a focused and effective communications report


Week 1

Successful campaigns: engaging emotions, understanding values and telling a good story.

Week 2

Planning your campaign

Week 3

Visiting speakers.

Week 4

Communications strategy 1: Goals, audience research and gaining insight

Week 5

Communications strategy 2: Message development, channels, tactics, evaluation

Week 6

Reading week

Week 7

Communications strategy presentations

Week 8

Communications planning, media relations and effective press releases

Week 9

Writing for websites, emails and social media, using images

Week 10


Week 11

Projects debrief and evaluation. Assignment 2 brief, questions and workshop 


Assignment 1: Communications strategy and sample content
(group assessment, 40%)

DEADLINE: 3pm Wednesday 13/12/17

Assignment 2: Communications report
(individual assessment, 60%)

DEADLINE: 3pm Wednesday 10/01/18



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