Assignment 2: Campaign communications report (individual assessment, 60%)

Write a communications report (max 1,500 words) on an existing charity campaign, which is either current or recent (i.e. active during 2017). 

Focus your attention on a limited area of campaign activity, so it is possible to cover it in some depth. Do not try and look at the whole output of a major campaigning organisation such as Greenpeace or Oxfam.

Using publicly available information, establish the goals, context and primary audiences of the campaign. Identify any innovative use of channels and successful communications activities. This may for instance include noting how the communication forms, tone and target audience differ across channels. Or you may look at a specific press release, and identify the media coverage it gained, how the angle varied according to the media outlet, and how it was integrated into other campaign communications.

Evaluate the successes and failures of the campaign, and note any missed opportunities or possible improvements. Show an awareness of theories of campaign and communications best practice with relevant referencing.

Electronic submission only, via Learning Central

DEADLINE: 3pm Wednesday 10/01/18


What is a possible structure for the report?

Note this is only one possible suggested structure, other approaches will be possible

  1. General background info on the charity / organisation you’re looking at
  2. Campaign overview – what areas they work in, what are their goals
  3. Communications overview – what are their likely target audiences, what communications channels do they use
  4. More detailed look at a particular communications activity / channel. Some possible examples:
    1. all cross-channel comms around a particular activity
    2. how one specific social media channel is used
    3. volunteer recruitment comms
    4. fundraising comms
  5. Conclusions

Sections 1-2 will need to be very short, 3 slightly less so, and the majority of the description and analysis will probably be in 4.

Are screenshots required?

Screenshots are very likely to improve the clarity and usefulness of the report

How can I ‘show an awareness of theories of campaign and communications best practice’

Some examples of how this might be done:

  1. Comparing the use of language to that which would be suggested by following a ‘values and frames’ approach, referencing Holmes (2011) or Values Modes (Rose, 2010, p.69)
  2. Look at a communications activity through Rose’s CAMPCAT structure 
  3. When considering the probable target audiences reference Lamb’s guidance on understanding power and targets and influencers.
  4. Reference guidance in the textbooks on communications clarity, channel choice, messaging etc

Though considering the word count and all that has to be covered, this is unlikely to be able to be covered in great depth – a couple of paragraphs, or occasional sentences at the appropriate points, will be enough to display some awareness of the key texts.