Assignment 1: Communications strategy and sample content

1. Produce a communications strategy to meet the brief provided by your chosen organisation.

Ensure the strategy document follows the communications strategy template, paying particular attention to the identification of priority audiences, key messages, suitable channels and possible communications activities and tactics.

2. Develop ONE of the communications activities/tactics identified in the strategy.

Write a communications plan outlining the concept, goals, target audience(s), channels, target media, and timeline (max 600 words)

Prepare content for:

  1. A press release (300-500 words)
  2. A webpage, suitable for the news section of your campaign website (300-500 words)
  3. An email to supporters (150-200 words)
  4. Posts, tweets etc for the appropriate social media (2 pieces of content for 2 channels)
  5. Suitable images, to be included on the webpage, email and social media. You do not have to create images yourself, but the licensing details for all images do need to be included

All of the elements, clearly marked and appropriately formatted, should be included on one document, and submitted electronically. Note that the exercise is to produce the content, not the final product ie you are NOT expected to produce a working webpage, but rather to ensure that your word document is appropriately formatted to clearly show what will become the headline, standfirst, crossheads, links etc.

Include the licensing requirements and sources of any images you use.

One document must be submitted by email per group, and must be no more than 4,500 words. 

DEADLINE: 3pm Monday 19/11/18