Assignment 1: Communications strategy (group assessment, 40%)

Develop and plan a new campaign, charity or cause, and produce a communications strategy.

Ensure the strategy document follows the communications strategy template provided, paying particular attention to the identification of priority audiences, key messages, suitable channels and possible communications activities and tactics.

Electronic submission only – one document by email (all group members cc’d) and one via Learning Central per group. Maximum 2,500 words.

DEADLINE: 3pm Monday 19/11/18

Assessment checklist

  • Think about brand
    • Campaign / organisation name
    • What is your visual identity? Does the strategy document reflect this?
  • Keep it visual
    • Use appropriate visual tools eg SWOT and competitor matrices
    • Include graphics, logos and photos
  • Organisation
    • Have clear section headings
    • Put research data in appendix
  • Be readable
    • Simple language, succinct sentences, short paragraphs
    • Textbook and academic references NOT required, but do reference and/or link to examples and case studies if appropriate
  • Submit as PDF