Getting started with WordPress

A 2 day course on how to use to produce a website with multiple posts and pages, images and social media integration.

The course also provides a good introduction to online communications strategy, usability and web design.

  1. WordPress introduction
  2. Setting up a blog / website 
  3. Project planning and strategy
    • Goals and objectives
    • Competitor and market research
    • Personas and scenarios
    • SEO strategy
    • Content strategy
    • Site maps
  4. Adding content
  5. Usability, navigation and information architecture
    • Definitions
    • Types of menus and navigation methods
    • Usability testing
  6. Organising content in WordPress
    • Creating a Home page and Posts page
  7. Creating a contact form
  8. Using images
  9. Changing the look
    • WordPress themes
      Some suggested themes: Expound, Greyzed, Triton Lite, Untitled, Visual
    • The theme browser
    • Featured image and Excerpts
  10. Next steps
  11. Categories, tags and custom menus
  12. Using widgets to add functionality
    • Meta (log in, RSS), text, Contact Info
    • Twitter and Facebook
    • Tag cloud
  13. Interactivity: commenting and moderation
  14. Measuring success: stats and Google Analytics
  15. User testing